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Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.
If only Africa had more mosquito nets. Then we could save millions of mosquitoes from dying needlessly of AIDS.
What does WTC stand for? What Trade Center?
Pedophiles are fucking immature assholes.
If you are afraid of pedophiles, grow up!
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In this journal is a rant about this notion that we should tolerate everyone. I will not cover everything, just enough.

In the last several years i have started to notice it. And lately it really got to the point where i was absolutely outraged and that is a very rare occurrence, i have seen and went everywhere i can irl and on the internet. And you know what you can see on the internet, if you have been a deep net explorer...
Because of all that i have seen and read, i am difficult to truly amaze, but one thing always did amaze me, just how stupid people can get. Einstein was right when he said human stupidity is infinite... I also became very tolerant to all kinds of people, opinions, actions. I can see the point of view of all sides and i can understand them.

With this introduction i want you to understand that i am not intolerant myself, only if you invade my personal space, but thats not relevant.

Now to the point. Today it seems that many people, especially those that are out of the norm: LGBT community, fat people, furries, bronies, minorities <- these people, not all of them, but a large enough portion to make a persistent presence, have this mindset that if someone is against them, then this someone is a bigot, a hater, a close minded person. While this may be true, do these people ever ask themselves, why should anyone else care for them? Why should other people accept their difference? Why should other people tolerate them? Why? We are not talking about if whatever is different about these people is harmful to people, or if its getting in the way of anyone. We are talking about the fact that if you are a transgender, you can have all the human rights you want(this is not about if you actually have them, i will get to that), all the freedom everyone else has. This is the same to minorities, to sexual deviants of all sorts. But why should others automatically respect you? And if they do not, why should they be punished for it? Respect is not a right. 
Right now, i have seen that people are afraid to stand up to someone who is actually doing harmful stuff because they may be called anti-semite, racist, homophobe, rape apologist, bigot, islamophobe. This goes everywhere... this right here is bulling.
Let me show/tell you some examples:
-Muslims ARE the cause and their religion IS the problem and you do not need to be a islamophobe to know this.
-An acquaintance of mine was to some business management lecture and was asked if given the choice between two employees, a white and black, which would he choose. He said that he will pick the more qualified one. They told him, he has to pick the black one, because of politics(not exact words, i dont remember precisely). Unfortunately i cant show a source to this one. Take it as you wish.
-If black people left the USA. This may be on an uncommon source... but its true.
-Modern western feminism is simply INSANE

I can continue for a very very long example list. But really, if you just look at the news, not just those on BBC or the popular ones, all the news, you will see it yourself, everyday.
I do not hate anyone based on their religion, race, culture. But i do not fear to call them on their bullshit when it arrives. And if i think their bullshit is caused because of their race, culture, religion, gender, etc i will say it and i will be right, unless proven otherwise. And calling me a word you some people seem to think as derogatory wont prove me wrong. If telling the truth means that i will be a racist, something-phobe, rapist, bigot, then these words no longer describe a delusional person.
I have friends from all cultures, races, genders(there are 2 officially) and even some furries. And i treat everyone equally. This means that if you do something out of line, i will not save you because of your race, gender, whatever.

I can understand that people in different cultures have different reasons for their behavior and actions and i can see why. One little example from the black crime rate problem is that black people tend to be poorer. Sure thats a contributing factor to the crime rate. However, to deny the facts is to deny reality and that will destroy everything.

Just because you are born, doesn't give you the right to be respect. Just because you are born gay or because you think you are actually a turtle(i actually can find an example of this case), or because you have a different skin color(white or black, or green, or invisible) doesn't give you this right either.

I never liked the gay pride parades. Why are there no straight parades? BDSM parades the same way? Stalin is a hero parades? And what exactly are you proud of? I am straight and i am not feeling any specific pride towards that. Are you proud that you are gay and you managed to go public? Thats good, for you and your friends that care about you. But i do not care if you are a fucking alien. Gay parades are for awareness they say. Awareness of what? Everyone knows that gay people are real. Maybe they do not know how many gays there are... but does it matter? Maybe it has effects on simple minded people, who got intimidated by the sheer number of human mass on the parades. But those people do not matter either. And is intimidation the way to go? The result of these parades maybe increasing the self esteem of gay people. But i do not think that should happen this way. Because if gay people feel ashamed, then the problem is elsewhere, their friends, family, etc. And the problem should be the target, not the result of the problem. And after a gay parade some people will have this idea that they are more important and that if someone goes against them, they are just bigots. This should not happen.

The only TRUE problem i see is gay marriage rights. I would like you to notice i wrote RIGHTS, not marriage itself. And this comes from another problem: the church and religion.
See, just as gay people want to be accepted, so does religion. And marriage is a religious thing. And here is another problem, marriage also gets you government benefits and others, but there is supposed to be a separation from church and state!
Now look at what i just wrote. Did i hate on gays? Did i hate on religion? Or did i find the real problem and its solution? Of course i cant enforce it nor i will try... but if you do not think yourself so highly and look at every problem from a third perspective, you may just find the right approach. I wont pretend to know the details, but i can see the general public's target is not what i explained.

And last thing about gay parades. I do like Putin's action to remove them. They do no good, now everyone knows about gay people's existence. And gay people have rights, all but the marriage and thats a difficult one to fix the way the general public is trying to. By going against the religion...
Edit: As it was pointed out, this is against freedom of expression/free speech. I like this direct approach, but the explanation as to why i like it is for another journal. So this is not really an argument about the tolerance wave... its just my personal bias that escaped me. Because i do think that over time the parades will die on their own, by freedom. But Putin just made it happen faster and i think he did what's best. But it is indeed against freedom of speech. And this journal is about freedom. So you can skip this as my personal bias, not as an argument, because it is just that.

Now i will talk about culture. Culture is what binds people together. And people need to be together, because then people are truly a power to be reckon with. I wont go in detail on this.
What that said, there is this saying: "Respect your culture and the culture of others.", its partially mine, if you manage to know where i got it originally from, then you can be my friend
Islamists do not respect our culture and we are forced to respect theirs, they are guests of the nations they visit. I think this sentence explains everything i need to say about the issue. Islamists and all other cultures, must understand that they have no special rights, not really they are so self entitled. Sure the government might feel pressured by trying to be politically correct and give you rights, but i do not recognize them and nor should every other self respecting person on this planet. Because THAT IS RACISM. When a minority is given ANYthing special, then its racism towards the majority.

With this said, lets talk about crimes. There is a hate crime and hate speech. What the fuck is this shit?? <- the proper response anyone should have to those. What is a hate crime exactly? Its a crime, motivated by racism/other separation. So fucking what? All crime has motivations... it doesnt matter what the motivation is when the punishment is given. Only the actions matter. Some guy killed a nigger and some nigger killed a white guy. <- same stuff, why even just label them different? Even if the white guy killed because he hates blacks and the black killed for money.
You do not need special laws. An assault is an assault, doesn't matter if its on gays, blacks, whites, same with all other crimes.
Hate speech crimes are just censors. I have nothing else to say, if you are someone who agrees with censors, then post a comment and i will delete it to see how good it feels.
If someone doesn't like a speech, then he can have his own speech against it. The people who agree with the speech decide who is right and the people are the culture. See the connection now?

Now, lets get back on feminism. Why do i even add it here? Because i think, i am not 100% sure nor i have any solid proof, that modern western feminism is a direct result of this 'tolerance'.
I will put this very directly: Women in almost all western countries, in the USA too, are not in any way, shape or form, abused(with the exception of domestic violence) or have a lack of rights and all of the latest feminist spokeswomen are INSANE or a con artist. Also most of their followers are also absolutely nuts. If someone has see what they have done and needs me to explain how they are insane, then this someone may be insane himself. Domestic violence does effect females way way more often then man(just look it up if you wish..), and it is a real problem. But feminists are all over the place and i almost forgot their real issues.
First time i noticed them, i didnt care much, they were clearly full of shit, so i thought no one of importance will actually care. But i was wrong, because some con artists, like Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn have used this for their own benefit and have managed to make this trend a real power, as show here(more on that here) and they were on some shows and news.
I do not think this feminism will live long. But it better not get replaced by some other insanity.

With all this said, have you heard of the tolerance paradox? Or in other words: i am ok with gay people, transgender people, etc people. But if i see this: before and after i will preserve my right to laugh my ass out at this persons failure. I might hold off, due the chance he deserves respect, but if i am asked what i think by him, i will be bluntly honest.
And at the same time, people who hate them, must have the right to hate them. They don't have the right to attack them, then its assault(not a hate crime, normal attack crime), but they have the right to hate. Is it a good thing to hate? The culture, aka the majority is the judge of that.

How to fix this? Education. If people are educated, they will naturally not hate on differences that don't matter, until they do really matter. As a result, there wont be fragile egos in the different people, which will mean all will be good and dandy. And at the same time, the smart people have more self confidence, because they are capable(in general). It really is this simple, in the long term. If there is a need to change, smart people will voice their opinions and other people will agree and eventually the majority will, if they are all educated and the change is right. Now, it wont be just as simple at the time, but in the long term it is just as simple.
However humanity is very very very far away from this.

This tolerance getting out of hand imo is coming from people's egos being so fragile and easily destroyed, that they are scared to even acknowledge that such a problem exists, afraid of being politically incorrect(they should go to /pol/ :) ). And then others take advantage of it. They are being offended. A global pussification.


This is my view.
Like i said(every time i had the chance) this is not about all people in those categories. Maybe not even the majority(with the exception of the feminists), but a large enough group of people to be noticed.
I probably(definitely) missed something, so just comment if you wish.


(you can find the uncensored version in vimeo and i am no satanist, its just good music)

This is in no way shape or form hate speech <- for DA staff if some person reports this as such

above disclaimer is something that i should not even have to write... but reality is different from should.
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